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Large Capacity Machines

Our specialty is large, precision-crafted parts. Our most substantial machine boasts a 44,000 lbs weight, features a spacious 67" x 51" x 27" work area, and is equipped with a powerful 49 hp spindle.

Large Capacity Machines

At Method Mfg, our specialty is large precision parts, whether that's aerostructures for satellite buses or plate work for automation systems. The complexity and size of a large part require specialized equipment and expertise, and that's where we excel.

Consider the challenge of maintaining tolerances as tight as ±0.005 or tighter across a part spanning 30” or more. Factors like machine accuracy, ambient and coolant temperatures, and spindle growth can significantly influence the outcome.

To address these variables:

  • Our largest machine incorporates glass-scales to guarantee absolute positioning, reducing inaccuracies.

  • Our climate-controlled environment stabilizes conditions, 

  • Our coolant is chilled, regulating the temperature for consistent machining.

  • Our largest 49 hp spindle, capable of reaching 20,000 rpm, is both chilled and temperature-controlled. This minimizes spindle growth, a phenomenon where spindles lengthen as they heat up.

With these features in place, we're primed to produce large, precision-crafted parts with utmost accuracy.

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We are fully licensed and registered for all your manufacturing needs.

Our clients love us, and we think you will, too.

About Method Mfg

Based in Central Texas, in the heart of the American manufacturing revolution, Method Manufacturing is accelerating innovation across a variety of science and technology industries. We are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, offer manufacturing consulting, and provide comprehensive quality control and inspection reports to our clients.  

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