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Equipped with a Bachelor of Science in Aquatic Biology, a minor in Chemistry from Texas State University and an Associate of Applied Science Degree (Interdisciplinary CAD Specialization) from Austin Community College, Heather Kurten stands at the intersection of academic rigor and practical expertise. As the Quality Control Specialist at Method Mfg, she is the cornerstone of product excellence. Heather meticulously oversees all quality-related aspects, from running detailed CMM inspection reports to ensuring every part aligns with customer specifications.

In her leisure, Heather immerses herself in her hobbies, continually exploring the realms of making, 3D sculpting, 3D printing, and programming. Her endeavors, both professional and personal, are a testament to her dedication to precision, quality, and innovation.

Heather Kurten

Quality Control Specialist

Heather Kurten
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