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Rhys Andersen, the founder behind Method Mfg, has always been at the crossroads of creativity and functionality. With a foundation rooted in his early years at the family shop, Rhys developed a passion for bringing physical ideas to life, learning hands-on skills such as welding, machining, and heavy equipment building.

Pursuing his innate curiosity, Rhys advanced his craft, studying Architecture and Product Design. His dedication to craftsmanship and innovation led to the establishment of Method Mfg, aiming to help engineers be at the forefront of science and technology. Here, he thrives on collaboration, connecting with brilliant minds to tackle the world's most challenging problems.

Beyond his professional achievements, Rhys has a spirit of adventure. Before settling in Texas, he battled wildland fires during the summer. An avid runner, Rhys finds solace in long-distance running, having completed numerous ultra-marathons. If he's not immersed in a project at the shop, chances are he's pounding the pavement.

Rhys Andersen

CEO / Founder

Rhys Andersen
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