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Meet Our Brother! The Lightning Fast 5 Axis Multi-Tasking Machine Is Here.

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

We're so excited to announce the addition of our new Brother M300X3, which is a super fast and capable 5-axis multi-tasking machine.

large black and steel machining tool by brother at method mfg texas machine shop
Our new Brother 5-axis multi-tasking machine

Brother is a Japanese machine tool manufacturer specializing in producing blazing-fast, accurate machines, and yes, they do make printers.

What is a 5-axis multi-tasking machine?

You're wondering how we can be so excited about a machine from a printer company. Once you understand the awesome capabilities of this multi-tasking machine, you'll get it. Let's break it down. A multi-tasking machine combines turning and milling. Allowing both operations to take place on one machine significantly reduces set-up time and errors associated with transferring parts from one machine to another.

A 5-axis machine, essentially, means your parts are done faster. In traditional machining, center access is limited to what you can access from just one side of the part, requiring multiple set-ups and often custom fixtures. 5-axis machines allow access to five sides of the part. Our MX300X3 for example, can tilt from -30 to 120 degrees and rotate 360 about the center. This often allows us to complete a complicated part in one setup.

How fast is it really?

This new Brother is just plain fast, but we won't leave it at that. We've got the numbers so you can see for yourself. Compared to a standard 5-axis machine the MX300X3 has almost twice the speed. Here is an overview of our favorite stats:

Spindle: 16,000 RPM High-Speed Spindle

Turning Speed: 1500 RPM C axis Lathe Spindle

Cutting Feed rate: 1,181 in/min

Rapids: 1,969 in/min

Tool Change Time: 0.8 Seconds (So fast!)

Tapping Speed: 6,000 Rpm

Max Working Envelope: 300 mm x 300 mm x 350 mm (11.8” x 11.8” x 13.8”)

To put all of this in perspective, a 5-axis Haas Super Speed machine has a max cutting rate of 650 in/min and 1200 in/min rapids and a tool change time of 1.8 seconds.

Final Thoughts

We have already delivered the first parts and are thrilled with the results. If you have a project that would be suited to the Brother 5-axis multi-tasking machine, get in touch. We look forward to turning your designs into reality.


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