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AS9100D | ISO 9001:2015 | MULTI-AXIS | ITAR


Prototype and Production Manufacturing 

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In the heartland of Buda, Texas, you'll find a hive of activity known as Method Manufacturing. It's not just any machine shop; it's a place where art meets engineering. We're not only delivering precision-machined parts across the vast expanse of the United States, but we're also igniting the torch of innovation for our partners in the fields of Science and Technology. Every day, we're fueling the engines of progress in the Aerospace, Automation, and Semiconductor Industries, bringing to life ideas that push boundaries and challenge the status quo. But we're not just a cog in the wheel. No, we're the crafters of each cog, ensuring every piece fits seamlessly, each component optimized for performance. We're not simply manufacturing parts; we're building bridges to the future.

Large Capacity Machines

Our specialty is large, precision-crafted parts. Our most substantial machine boasts a 44,000 lbs weight, features a spacious 67" x 51" x 27" work area, and is equipped with a powerful 49 hp spindle.

CNC machine expert in black hat working over machine

AS9100D Certified QMS and ERP

As a technology-forward company, we employ advanced manufacturing software throughout the entire process, from quote to shipment, ensuring all specifications are met and consistently delivering high-quality products on time.

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Our dedicated Quality Control (QC) staff employ state-of-the-art Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) technology to ensure adherence to specifications and provide comprehensive First Article Inspection (FAI) reports.

precision cnc metal fabrication located on table with black cnc mill above it

Design for Manufacture Support

Seeking a genuine manufacturing partner? Our skilled machinists collaborate with clients to tackle challenging projects, offering valuable insights on feasibility and providing feedback to enhance manufacturability.

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Precision 5 axis Machining

With our precision 5-axis machines, we can adeptly handle the most complex geometries. Our advanced equipment enables us to deliver intricately designed parts with exacting accuracy, meeting the stringent demands of high-tech industries.

metal gadget standing in black CNC milling machine

In-House Anodizing 

In order to enhance quality control and streamline lead times, we are proud to now provide two types of in-house anodizing services:

Type II Clear Anodizing and Type III Black Anodizing.

silver cnc metal part in water
CNC machinist working with metal and CNC milling technology

The Mission:


Method Manufacturing is a AS9100 D and ISO 9001:2015 cutting-edge precision manufacturing company situated in the epicenter of the American manufacturing revolution – Austin, Texas. Our mission is to fuel innovation by employing state-of-the-art machines and technology, ensuring reliable and consistent delivery of high-quality machined solutions.

What We Do:


At Method Manufacturing, we thrive on the magic of transformation. We turn bits into atoms, taking drawings and digital designs and converting them into tangible, high-quality, precision-machined parts. Through our advanced manufacturing processes, the ideas of today become the realities of tomorrow. With each meticulously crafted piece, we're not just creating parts, but shaping the future of the Aerospace, Automation, and Semiconductor Industries. We're Method Manufacturing, and we're in the business of bringing digital designs to life.

precision CNC machined metal part held by hand over black machine
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