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The Benefits of Offering In-House Anodizing in a Machining Shop

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

As industries evolve, so must we. The drive to provide our clients with top-tier services is at the heart of our mission. In keeping with this commitment, we're thrilled to announce an upgrade in our production capabilities: in-house anodizing services.

clear anodized metal machined part by method mfg example of clear anodizing

Two Amazing Benefits of In-House Anodizing:

1. Anodizing In-House Provides Enhanced Quality Control

Traditionally, after machining parts, they would be shipped to an external vendor for the anodizing process. While this method has served us well, it did present a few challenges. It added extra time to our lead times, and quality control depended on a third party, introducing a potential for inconsistency.

By bringing anodizing in-house, we've taken another step toward perfecting the production pipeline. Now, overseeing the anodizing process from start to finish ensures every part meets our stringent quality standards. Furthermore, without the need to ship parts elsewhere, the potential for damage or loss during transit is eradicated. This is a major evolution of quality control for us and the industry as a whole.

2. Streamline Your Lead Times by Bringing Anodizing In House

One of the foremost advantages of in-house anodizing is the reduction in lead times. By eliminating the need for transportation to and from an external anodizing facility, we've effectively trimmed several days off our production cycle. This means you'll receive your parts faster than ever before.

Introducing Our Three Key Anodizing Services:

1. Type II Clear Anodizing

This electrochemical process not only enhances the natural aesthetics of machined parts but also provides a protective oxide layer. Clear anodizing is ideal for parts that need protection from corrosion without altering their appearance significantly.

2. Type III Black Anodizing

A more robust version of the anodizing process, Type III anodizing adds a thicker protective layer, imparting both increased durability and a sleek black finish. It's perfect for parts requiring added protection from wear or those where aesthetics dictate a stealthy black appearance.

3. Vapor-Honing: The Pinnacle of Surface Finish

Before the anodizing process kicks in, parts can undergo our vapor-honing treatment, a wet blasting method that ensures a flawless, smooth finish reminiscent of the iconic MacBook aesthetics. Beyond giving parts an immaculate appearance, vapor-honing effectively removes all visible machining marks. This ensures the anodizing adheres uniformly and results in a finish that is as durable as it is visually appealing.

Final Thoughts

In-house anodizing is more than just a new service; it's a reflection of our ongoing commitment to quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction. With our additional vapor-honing step, the results are not just functional but exceptionally beautiful. Dive deeper into what our new anodizing services can offer you, and let's bring your next project to life with unmatched quality and speed.


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