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black anodized metal spring

In-House Anodizing

In order to enhance quality control and streamline our lead times, we are proud to now provide two types of in-house anodizing services:
Type II Clear Anodizing and Type III Black Anodizing.

As industries evolve, so must we. The drive to provide our clients with top-tier services is at the heart of our mission. In keeping with this commitment, we're thrilled to announce an upgrade in our production capabilities: in-house anodizing services.

Introducing Our Three Key Anodizing Services:

1. Type II Clear Anodizing

This electrochemical process not only enhances the natural aesthetics of machined parts but also provides a protective oxide layer. Ideal for parts that need protection from corrosion without altering their appearance significantly.

2. Type III Black Anodizing

A more robust version of the anodizing process, Type III adds a thicker protective layer, imparting both increased durability and a sleek black finish. It's perfect for parts requiring added protection from wear or those where aesthetics dictate a stealthy black appearance.

3. Vapor-Honing: The Pinnacle of Surface Finish

Before the anodizing process kicks in, parts can undergo our vapor-honing treatment, a wet blasting method that ensures a flawless, smooth finish reminiscent of the iconic MacBook aesthetics. Beyond giving parts an immaculate appearance, vapor-honing effectively removes all visible machining marks. This ensures the anodizing adheres uniformly and results in a finish that is as durable as it is visually appealing.

Why Choose Our Anodizing Services?

Anodizing in-house provides two major benefits that we are excited to bring to our clients: enhanced quality control and shorter lead times. Read more about these in our blog post:

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We are fully licensed and registered for all your manufacturing needs.

Our clients love us, and we think you will, too.

About Method Mfg

Based in Central Texas, in the heart of the American manufacturing revolution, Method Manufacturing is accelerating innovation across a variety of science and technology industries. We are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, offer manufacturing consulting, and provide comprehensive quality control and inspection reports to our clients.  

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